Labor Only Contracting

The Labor Code, as early as in 1974, has already nullified this notorious practice by some fly-by-night middlemen, who make a fast buck at the expense of the sweats and tears of workers. These middlemen are harshly referred to as “cabo” and their practices have long been considered as illegal, immoral and callous, being vestiges of the long […] Read More

Mel Gecolea

Ang ating pinanunumpaan sa bayan ay mamuno. Ito ang mamuno sa pinakamagaling na pamamaraan kung papaano mapaglilingkuran ang ating kababayan. Servant Leader ang tawag po dito at kung hindi natin ito matutugunan, mananagot tayo sa taong bayan.   Read More


Cabuyao (/kɑːbuːˈjɑːw/; [kabuˈjɐw]), or officially known as the City of Cabuyao (Filipino: Lungsod ng Kabuyanullw) (ISO: PH-40; PSGC: 043404000[8]) is a first class city in the western portion of Laguna, Philippines. According to the 2010 Census, it has a population of 248,436 inhabitants.[9] Cabuyao is formerly known as the “Richest Municipality in the Philippines”[7] as […] Read More